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"Imagine what results you might get if you surrounded yourself with a community of passionate collaborators, partners, mentors and supporters necessary to build your ideal business or career...

What might that that do for you?"

G'day Warrior!

Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to improve your marketing online, build your personal brand, level up your influence and make more money and impact doing what you love?

Do you value creativity, connection, and freedom?

Are you wanting to make a positive influence on others by being real and honest, and not resorting to sleazy tactics?

I would love to have you in the Momentum Warriors Community!

Personally, I (Anfernee Chansamooth) am in the group every single day answering questions, teaching what I know works in branding, influence and marketing, and sharing what's working now for me... And I'm nowhere near the most successful person in the group sharing amazing tips and strategies to grow your personal brand, leadership and business.


"Hi, I'm Anf!"

If you want in, I'd love to have you. However, there is an application process.

I only want to accept people that are willing to help others and that have an existing business that I feel myself and the group can really help.

It's really simple. There's an application below with a few questions... Simply answer the questions, submit the survey, and we will followup with you so that you can gain access to the group.

No one will call you... There's nothing for sale... And there's really no pressure.

I'm just trying to put together an amazing community of like-minded Warriors that want to truly help each other.

If you think you sound like a good fit, answer the brief questions below and let's make it happen!

fade-leftfade-rightBONUS For Applying...

"Take your influence to the next level"

  • Ebook: "7 Mistakes That Prevent Busy Worriers From Becoming Business Warriors (and how to avoid them)" small biz & marketing guide
  • 9 Steps To Optimizing Linkedin For Business, Personal Branding & Career Opportunities
  • Ideal Client Identifier Cheat Sheet: The quick and easy method that gets you better clients & more money
  • Weekly branding, marketing, and entrepreneur tips

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If you know that the Momentum Warriors Community is something that you'd love to be involved in, simply submit your info below and complete the brief questionnaire on the next page.

We want to maintain the high quality of the members and, therefore, require a little bit of detail before we can accept you.

Momentum Warriors Application

See you on the inside!